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You Need To Love Yourself Like You Never Have!

2 Oct

You Need To Love Yourself Like You Never Have!

Our argument is that your wellbeing is like an infant and you, its parent. Therefore, it is hard to imagine how on earth one would care or claim to care about anything more than oneself. You ask people and they will tell you all kinds of things. With minimal scrutiny you can conclude that they are talking of someone who is not them and about a life that is not theirs. Ironical, yet we all indulge in this act, day in and day out.


We live an imaginary life. If it was just to live a life of (our) dreams, imagination would be the fuel on which one would fly the rocket of one’s life. But in reality, it is the farthest thing from that. In fact, it is a life we don’t lead. And therefore, this lie only leads to deluding oneself, which finally makes up for a lot of discontentment. Consequently, as we age, we increasingly become bitter without any recourse. So before it is too late for you, make yourself the only (primary) priority of your life. Think about it this way: You are the star, the sun of your life, the center of your universe, if you will. And around you rotate(s) everything and everyone important to you. And if you radiate the light of happiness, joy, youthfulness, or whatever else that emits from you, those surrounding you will become the recipients of that radiance. This is the primary Yogic-Logic principle on which one must lay their life. All else is secondary, but being Yogical, the first and the most important step in becoming one with yourself.


Let today be the last day you under-treat yourself. The moments that have past, be the end of this mistreatment you have subjected yourself to. Acknowledge —– that you haven’t been all that nice to yourself; that you have abandoned yourself fully or some parts of you; that the excitement which you look for outside, resides within; that it is time you fall in love with yourself, all over again; And if you don’t see the logic, you are perhaps not ready yet. We just hope it isn’t too late when you figure it out.


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