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Yogical: Tradition and Wellness!

8 Aug

Yogical: Tradition and Wellness!

Yoga has developed something of a stereotype in the modern culture. It is often viewed with an air of ‘mumbo-jumbo’. Other times, it is considered merely a form of exercise – one that helps those who perform it with breathing and flexibility. Stay connected with us as we introduce you to some of the most exciting facts of Yoga.


Where Did It All Start

Going back in time to ancient India allows us to see the Yogis, a segment of the population revered for their medicinal knowledge and experience in wellbeing. To them, Yoga was more than a simple exercise; it was a way of life, a tradition, a culture.

Through the practice of this ancient craft, they mastered the art of asking plants and herbs around them for enhancing the medical science of the nation. Still not sure what Yoga might be and how it lasted for centuries? It is a gateway to a longevity and the peace of mind that stems from enhanced health and a deep connection with nature.

Hmm, “But I heard of Yoga only being a form of exercise,” you say? It is unfortunate that Yoga is viewed as having only a fraction of the benefits it is capable of. However, we are confident that the Yogic culture, as was seen in ancient India, is yet to be reborn. With the tremendous healing properties and the natural alternatives it offers, it’s only a matter of time before Yoga is recognized for what it truly is.


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