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What (Not) To Do!

14 Oct

What (Not) To Do!

It is hard to admit, but like any other business, we too were advised to write a blog. We were told it is “good for engineering Social Optimization” with minimal cost. This may be true and we may reap financial rewards, but we have had to compromise on the wider application of what we have to say. We have tempered our language and also the content to do so, but it is an exercise in futility. Since we are passionate about helping change lives in more ways than what one can conventionally imagine, and our products are just one of the ways we can help, from now on, we will speak more freely with all y’all in the hopes we can influence you positively without you ever having to buy any of Yogical’s organic beauty and personal care products.

It would not be incorrect if one was to say that the current generation of humans has benefited immensely from the toil and sacrifices of our predecessors. All the comforts and conveniences we take for granted were not there not too long ago. Our life expectancy has doubled in the last five decades. It is not hard to imagine what those who did not have our luxuries would say if they were to see how far their hard-work has brought us. While we sing a song to honor our ancestors, we must also explore beneath the surface to understand the paradox we call our life. Here is an example to better build this case: Everyone is familiar with a relay race. Multiple runners with predetermined distances to run. Each runner is committed to the chain where the goal for last runner is to gain more ground than what the previous runner did. It is this idea that is at the root of human development. Therefore, it is one thing to take for granted the amenities and the luxuries we have, while inexcusable, but yet no match to the rather unacceptably bizarre fact that each one of us take for granted our bodies. The impermanence of life in general and youth in particular, makes the conundrum so much deeper. If we cannot take the responsibility to become the best we can be, to have the best bodies we can have, we are not responsible enough to do anything else. Like you would not voluntarily burn your hand roasting a marshmallow, you cannot stay mute to the wear and tear this day to day politics of life brings upon you. While the answers to our problems require deeper digging, the solutions, on the other hand, can be found on the surface itself. Don’t let laziness come in between you and where you should be.

By using Yogical’s ideas and products, we cannot guarantee you will see the change you desire, but we can definitely guarantee that without changing your ways and what can positively influence those ways, you will not achieve what you desire. The question you want to ask yourself is this: If I could be my ideal self, the self which I desire, what would I look like and equally importantly, how would I conduct myself? Then one may also ask, all that is fine, but how do I get where I want to go? The true answer lies in finding and acknowledging your current truth – where are you today?

We look forward to journeying together for an ongoing companionship and building on this conversation. And yes, some people can write succinctly and with immense impact in half the words we have used, but then we would not let length of this note determine the value of our message. Our style is our own and we are happy with it.


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