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What Does Happiness Mean to You?

11 Oct

What Does Happiness Mean to You?

Truth will set you free!
As strange as it sounds, humans have a tendency to please themselves with rather silly statuses. For example: we like to be the first to get called to board an aircraft; we like to be the boss of our office; etc, etc. While we also claim to be the boss of our life where we are also our own and employee, yet we never truly hold ourselves accountable for a rather dismal job, both as a slacking employee as well as a rather mediocre boss. For an optimal outcome, treat yourself as you would treat someone who you are morally responsible for. For example, it is your moral responsibility to give the best to your child, no matter what personal sacrifices you have to make in the bargain. It is this same zeal you must exhibit in looking after yourself. In doing so, you will discover your real importance. You will discover yourself and become one with yourself. And it is this oneness which one must acquire in order to welcome true happiness in one’s life.
Life is no bed of roses. It is chaotic and riddled with pain. You can never truly know what anything means to you unless you build some metrics to measure them. Ladies and gents, what has gone by, you can never make it better or worse, but you can cherish the nice parts forever. But that is definitely not the most important part of your life. It is what lies ahead which not only is the only important part of your life, but one which deserves your utmost attention. Your happiness – state of mind – is rooted in everything you do from this point on, for yourself and only yourself. And you can rest assured, it will radiate outward also… making those others happy who you truly care for.
To sum it up, you are the occasion you must celebrate every waking up moment of your life. And during your sleep, allow organic beauty products like Yogical celebrate your beauty.


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