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Yes, they are. However, it’s not just the product that matters, but also that you use it and how it is used. Often, people buy personal care products which become a show-piece more than anything. We are not sure how that is ever going to work. Trust us, you are not alone. We have all been there. For example, our hair-oils have to be properly applied and rubbed into the scalp to have the desired effect. Following the instructions is a crucial part of the process. But as we said above, our products are only as good as you want them to be.</a
Our products are made by combining eastern wisdom with western knowledge. We are against Animal Testing as we believe in a Cruelty Free World. But all our new products are first tried by scores of people from across demographics and ethnicities; they are tried by our family and by our friends. And only once we are confident do they ever make it to the world at large. In the event you have any adverse reaction to any of our products, please discontinue use and immediately contact a physician.

The best time to use our oils is before you go to bed. This allows the oils to effectively work through your scalp while you’re asleep.

All our pure oil products safe to use. However, take care around materials, as oil does stain. If you are applying the hair-oil before going to bed, cover your pillow with a towel or a thick cloth as oil, due to its pure nature, can leave hard-to-remove stains on fabric.
The oil must be properly rubbed into the scalp. Only then will it be able to penetrate through the skin and provide you the desired results. Following the instructions is essential to your hair’s rejuvenation, lest the product become ineffective.
Use dropper to take 15-20 drops of oil. If you have short hair, this will be sufficient. However, you may require extra for thicker or longer hair.
Unlike many of the products found in the market that supposedly improve the quality of your hair, our oils are completely organic and made from natural ingredients, hence they are completely safe and without side effects. Our hair-oils come with a money back guarantee.
Yes, they are. Our products are perfect for both sexes, as the oils get to work on both short and long hair. They provide an indiscriminate health and shine to any head of hair. We have separate packaging and fragrances for Men's and Women's Hair Oils.
The color of your hair doesn’t really matter, as hairs are made of the same material. Dark hair turns blonde when removed of their pigments. So, whether you are a natural blonde, brunette or redhead, these oils will work for you.
Our team of researchers have spent years researching the qualities of herbal oils that were greatly venerated in the traditional system of ancient east. We have spared no effort to unlock the secrets of this ancient knowledge.

We are what we eat. And our skin and hair care products follow that same principle. Everything you apply on your body will make its way to your blood-stream, through tissue. And we are your partners in your well being, consciously and otherwise.

Due to the composition of natural ingredients, our oils are devoid of any side effects. That is purely based on our experience so far. However, if you experience any adverse reaction, please discontinue use immediately and contact a physician.
Yogical’s hair oils are effective for the protection and nourishment of hair. Upon applying this oil, your remaining hair will be revitalized, hair fall will virtually disappear, and over time, you will discover as many already have, a denser fuller head of hair because this oil promotes new hair growth.
No. They are standalone products that have been developed to help you maintain a lush head of hair, and a beautiful, healthy skin. However, Yoga does have unparalleled benefits. It has been conclusively proven to postiviley affect the human body and the mind.
Hair comes in great variety. However, reasons for losing it, not that many. Therefore, we have created only two - one for men and the other for women. We are against the idea of a breakfast cereal aisle where you will find hundreds of kinds. We are focused on addressing your needs, not confusing you.
Presently, these products are available only in the U.S.A. and Canada. Hopefully, in the near future, we will be able to provide shipping to other regions. Our focus will always remain on keeping up the quality and not the quantity.
These products are exclusive to our brand. It has been years of rigor and experimenting which has culminated into our range. Our products are unique to Yogical.
Our hair-oils are effective on all kinds of hair including dyed hair.
Our hair oils are our best selling products. But let that statistic not mislead you. Our other products are equally impeccable if you are looking for results.