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About Us

About Us

Located in Raleigh, North Carolina, Yogical is an organic personal care and beauty company aimed at taking the priceless knowledge of the ancient eastern world and combining it with the most advanced modern science. The result is a synergy that produces products with properties capable of reinvigorating your body and mind.

Everyone has heard about Yoga and its myriad of benefits, but what most people don’t know is that Yoga is more than just a head stand, warrior pose and downward dog done to stay fit. Yoga is a comprehensive manual of a lifestyle that seeks to rejuvenate your body and mind; thus revitalizing you both physically and mentally. No wonder there is an ever-increasing number of Yogis who see this ancient practice as the elixir of life, trusting in its processes and claims to renew the mind, the body, and the spirit.  

At Yogical, we have conducted blinded studies on the benefits of a yogic lifestyle, research that extended to the various remedies found in the ancient eastern system of natural healing. With a species as complex as we are, true research takes time, which is why we have devoted a lifetime to conducting ongoing studies and thorough analysis. Our current line of products has been developed through a long and dedicated process so that we were able to realize the wonderful properties contained within these ancient remedies.  

We have captured the essence of this ancient wisdom in a convenient form for holistic benefits. We are very pleased to have materialized our learnings in the form of our range of organic oils, the key to lush, full locks, beautiful skin and body.  Our journey does not end here – we are committed to continuing our research and bringing you new and innovative products that embody our philosophy.