Aging: You fight it alone, you fight it always!

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. If you believe you feel and look as you desire, you need not read any further. Why bother and waste your time. But if you are like most of us and want to care for yourself better, read on.


Here is what you need to know in order to see the change you want to become. Remember, you are your only change agent.


Awareness: Have you ever tried using a GPS? We bet you have. No matter where you started from, or no matter where you want to go to, the most critical thing which guides you is your current location. Therefore, no matter where you have been or where you are going, unless you know were you are at, at any given point of time, it is impossible to lead yourself to your desired destination. And it is this awareness that is one of the most critical factors to a wholesome life; a wholesome feeling of beauty, inside and out.
Tools: Once you have zeroed in on what your life and beauty goals are, you want to make sure you have the right tools in place to get you there. For example, if your goals are to revive your skin, it is important you use Yogical kind of beauty products for your skin and hair. The longer you wait, the harder it is for you to achieve desired results. And like it or not, it is often a compromise you make with yourself. We say you deserve better. You need not settle for anything less than you deserve. So give yourself the best tools.
Put Yourself First: You may be a parent, a grandparent or someone who simply draws joy in caring for others more than caring for yourself. While there is much joy in selflessness, remember, the world around you is only as good as you. The better you are, the better you can make this world, longer. You must therefore make yourself the centre of your universe.
Eat, Sleep, Exercise, Laugh, Live: Make sure you eat well and eliminate anything that hasn’t been organically grown or produced; Sleep 7-8 hours; Do Yoga or any other exercise; Laugh a lot — tell jokes and ask your friends to tell you jokes; Live every waking up moment for when you sleep, you will sleep well.


We believe taking care of yourself is simple, repairing what has been left to disrepair possible, but it must begin immediately because the clock is ticking and beyond a certain point, irreversible. Wishing you the best of Yogical at all time!


The Lie We Live!

As we age, we gradually lose what we took for granted in youth; youthful skin – elastic and glowing, luscious hair, acute sense of hearing, eagle like vision, strong teeth and bones, agility and mobility and most importantly-our minds. We see it happening around us all the time. Yet we do nothing to affect prolonging our wellbeing. Is it because we consider ourselves immune to such changes, or, is it because we don’t truly care about ourselves? It is an important question to find an answer for. Most normal people will admit that they care about themselves but aren’t able to care for themselves the way they would like because of the politics of day-to-day life leaving little room for self preservation. Isn’t that counterintuitive?


Question: What are you?
Answer: You are the sum total of your inner and outer self.

Let us try and see this a little differently. You are married to yourself for life. The only person you cannot divorce is you. It is the inner you married to the outer you. This inner you doesn’t really have a voice that can be heard by the rest of the world. It can only communicate with the outer you. And it must feel rather abandoned that the outer you doesn’t respond back with enthusiasm. Symbiotic relationships begin here, ladies and gents. What happens with your physical self greatly affects your inner self and vice versa. Before starting to care for the rest of the humanity, start right where you are, with yourself.


Question: What does the inner you desire and deserve?
Answer: Healthy Body.

You have to ask yourself if you really want to be happy? Yes you do. Because there is not one normal person who wouldn’t want it. And you can never be happy without a healthy body. And that is one thing you can greatly influence. Remember, you are going to have to live with yourself until the end of time. There is no changing that fact. Therefore, choose wisely and choose without delay. Choose to live with the best you, everything else is secondary. In order to be healthy, eat well and try to eat organic, drink lots of water, sleep well, exercise frequently, and use beauty and personal care products like Yogical which are made from certified organic ingredients. Give your skin and hair the natural love and affection it deserves.


In closing, we hope to see you start loving yourself like you have never before.


Yogical: Hydration, Food, Exercise, Sleep and Your Wellness.

The only person responsible for your holistic wellness is YOU. Decisions you make, things you do, small or big, will have a lasting impact on how satisfied you are with your life. As such, it is only prudent to make concerted efforts to evaluate your overall wellbeing-status and then take steps toward improving it.


We believe if you make small tweaks to your day-to-day lifestyle, you will yield more wholesome outcomes. Here is what you can do:


1. Hydration: It is critically important that one stays well hydrated. For all important body functions to run optimally, an average adult should consume about 3 liters of water everyday. Besides being greatly detrimental to our well being, dehydration causes our skin to lose elasticity, become wrinkly and age prematurely.


2. Food: Eat a balanced diet. Eat as much fresh organic food as you can. Cut down on sugars in general and sugary soda drinks in particular. If your meal is coming out of a box, be sure of what you are eating.


3. Exercise: Lifestyles are demanding. We get it. But if you don’t become in-charge of you, who else can! Before going ‘Chuck Norris’ on yourself, start with baby steps. A few moderate stretches in the morning before you get out of the bed will go a long way.


4. Sleep: We spend too much time doing unimportant things. For example, we spend copious amounts of time on social media. Not only do we waste time, we also compromise on critically needed sleep. An adult needs at least 6-8 hours of undisturbed sleep at night. Sleep is the only time when body heals itself. Lack of sleep causes premature aging. Adequate sleep is important for remain youthful and function optimally.


In closing, we hope you will take control of your wellness from this moment on and reset the clock in a way you owe to yourself.